Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services provided by Tide Cleaners at 6 convenient area locations.

Special offer from Tide Cleaners (LOADS of HOPE)! 
Laundry service for the front line will be FREE from April 2nd - 30th, 2020
While you are doing everything to keep everyone safe in the midst of the pandemic, at times many of your family's needs are not being taken care of. 

In order to receive the service, call the ProCare Concierge for questions or assistance: 317.974.2039.

COVID-19 exposed clothing, leathers, wedding dresses, alterations and select household items will not be accepted.

ProCare makes your dry-cleaning and laundry needs easy and affordable. ProCare has free pick-up/delivery service at the following locations: Riley, University, Methodist, Fairbanks, Path Lab, Gateway, IU North, and IU Saxony.

Ask for the ProCare discount for in-store drop-offs!

Other services provided by Tide Cleaners include:

  • Superior laundry and dry cleaning
  • Expert spot removal
  • Hand cleaning experts
  • Computerized garment tracking
  • Express bags
  • Replacement of Buttons
  • Same day cleaning
  • Alterations
** Services only available in Marion and surrounding Counties *

Let ProCare help you.

Contact the ProCare Call Center today for assistance at 317.974.2039